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Description and translation Candice


Being a lady.

The events around Candy changed like inside kaleidoscope. At first she had to go to Mexico for heavy work, then rich Audrey family suddenly adopted her.

The morning came to Audrey mansion. Candy barely had time to wake up and Dorothy was ready. Now I’m an adopted daughter, what else should I wait, Candy asked Dorothy. But Dorothy was official unusually and did not allow surprised Candy to change her clothes by herself. Candy felt like a doll. But it was just beginning - after breakfast she had to go to secretary room equally at 8:25 am. For being informed madam Elroy is waiting for her in the room at 8:30 am.


Why she did not tell it me herself, Candy thought aloud. Madam Elroy made her a note for delay and then she handed the book to the girl - to study about Audrey family down to dates of birth of every relative. Certainly, for Candy it was more interesting to find something about Anthony, Stear and Archie, but the immediate indicating from exemplary servant to study from the first page followed quickly. Fortunately, Stear with his invention took the martyr out from the library.

Stear and Archie drove Candy away Êåíäè from the swotting. But Anthony wasn’t with them this time - he set off to ride with Elisa.


Meantime Anthony understood Elisa isn’t conducting him to any gardener for a new rose sort. Angry Elisa began to ride the horse straight onto the cart with cans. Anthony followed her. The breakdown took place to be and Ms. Legan fell down from the horse. Anthony must help her to arrive to her home and the cowboy, who wasn’t anybody but Tom, accompanied him with angry shout.


The secretary of Legan’s family told Elisa didn’t hurt seriously. Neal announced, she does not want to see anybody but Anthony. Elisa yelled she dies, and only Anthony’s presence makes easy her terrible torments.

After coming back home, friends concluded, that way Elisa will keep Anthony about herself for some time. But then Audrey’s property has filled by cries of Tom, who came for justice. Candy was glad to see her friend from Pony’s Home, but she defended Anthony.

- You, probably, are too rich to understand me! – Tom shouted, being pull away by servants in order of madam Elroy. - Now I see, Ms. Audrey! You aren’t the same Candy any more!..


Candy could not get Tom’s words out of her mind. How can it be such way, she will be as she is everywhere!.. But… Why she has not believed him? They were like brother and sister during 10 years… Stream of her gloomy thoughts has interrupted horse neighing – Anthony returned from Elisa. However he asked to postpone the conversation up to tomorrow and left Candy for Dorothy. The maid kept teaching Ms. Audrey to rules of lady’s behavior. Candy made conclusions she can do nothing absolutely without calling Dorothy.


In the morning, when Candy came into the courtyard, Stear was testing there his new-invented «training machine», Archie was supervising that process, and Anthony has gone somewhere again. But he didn’t go to Elisa; he’s gone to apologize Tom. As the true cowboy, Tom could accept only apologies by a fist. When Candy arrived, she has become the witness of the combat between Tom and Anthony. But then they have become friends. Anthony and Candy helped with pleasure Tom to drag cans under the amazed looks of local inhabitants.


Madam Elroy was indignant of Anthony and Candy’s behavior, and even more after her grandson’s objections. For him his friends were not like things to change them. Grand Aunt’s decision was: Anthony must live in forest house for some time; and Candy must stay inside the mansion.


Some days passed since Candy was separated with Anthony.

Candy with sadness looked in the window on flying petals. Even roses miss Anthony… She asked Dorothy, is it really necessary to be such lonely for being the daughter of Audrey’s family? Is it really necessary to loose a freedom? Candy would prefer to come back to Pony’s Home and to meet with friends, to quarrel and to laugh together with them…

Dorothy and Candy saw the pigeon, which wasn’t ordinary. It brought the letter.

“How are you doing, Candy? – Anthony wrote. – it’s a Tom’s post pigeon. I’m doing well. The friendship with Tom taught me a lot of things; I reconsidered many things in my life. I don’t lament inside this far dummy wood. You do not lose your courage either; you’re strong. I understood it is quite easy to refuse something that you don’t like. I shall make all my efforts for making Audrey family better. Candy, let's make it together - for the sake of our common happiness”.

- I shall make all my efforts, Anthony, - Candy promised.


The new hopes appeared for Candy. Arrived from a far wood pigeon brought the courage to her. Candy got her spirit back.


The end of 21st series.