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Description and translation Candice


Visit to Mr. Brighton.

Pony’s Home. The boy John pissed his bed again; Sister Maria tells him about closet, he (John) makes excuses. Candy feeds the hens and yells at Clin, who jumped into the basket with vegetables. . Annie slices vegetables and notes nothing around.

- Annie, what’s happened? What’s wrong? – Candy touched her forehead.

- Nothing. I’m alright, - Annie looked at poultry and thought: «I just envy them. They have got mum and dad».

Candy guessed about friend’s condition:

- You’ve got a heartache, Annie.

- I just feel lonely a bit, - Annie approached the tree. – That’s all.

Candy said she knows what to do in those cases. What had she got in her head, Annie learned in the next morning when Candy woke her up early: to heal Annie’s infection. They came out from Pony’s Home, unnoticed.


- Miss Pony! Miss Pony! - Sister Maria ran through corridor. – Excuse me, but Candy and Annie… look at that, - she showed the note.

- Is it Candy did write? – Miss Pony asked. – «Good morning, Miss Pony and Sister Maria. Annie and me decided to have a little travel to heal her heartache.» Heartache, - Miss Pony smiled. – «Annie and me have been feeling not so good in those days…

- «…Therefore we thought, - Candy’s voice informed, - wouldn’t we like to have some fun?»

- I don’t worry about Annie, but Candy… - Sister Maria muttered.

- «…We didn’t decide yet, where will we go, but don’t worry. We’ll be back before the darkness. We took some bread, cheese and the bottle with that vine, which Miss Pony drinks before sleeping».

Women looked towards sideboard. The bottle wasn’t there. It was in other place – in Candy’s arms, who opened it and filled the friend’s glass.

- Campai!

Annie hoped she won’t be drunk.

- Come on, Miss Pony drinks in every evening, - Candy calmed her, drinking her own glass’ contains completely. Annie followed her best friend’s way, therefore her eyes began to run around. Candy laughed with her angelic laugh, having devil smile:

- Cool, huh?


Crying John interested where’s Candy. Sister Maria said Miss Pony they should go to find those two travelers. Miss Pony preferred to leave them as they are: for good memories.


Candy and Annie left somewhere their basket and rolled down from the hill. They saw îëåíåíêà. Candy preferred to chase him. When he approached the mature îëåíþ, and they ran away together, Annie became sad again. Candy came into the river.

- It’s so cold! Annie, come here, it’s cool!

Annie said the òå÷åíèå is fast there. Candy took the rope and pulled it over the river.

- Candy, - Annie said, holding the rope, - I’m so glad that I came together with you.

- Didn’t you fill lonely anymore? – Candy asked.

- No.

But the branch broke. Annie didn’t hold the rope. She just had the time to catch Candy. Two men helped him and pulled girls out from the water.


Mr. Brighton (it was his name), changed his clothes, saw how saved girls came out from his mansion, wearing suits for horsewomen. The maid noticed they look as if they’re his daughters. But Candy felt some tasty aroma and said about that. It was broiling meat with vegetables. Candy was surprised a bit, when she learned that food is eating in the air. Nevertheless she munched with pleasure and told Mr. Brighton about Pony’s Home, about their common Birthday with Annie. Annie became sad again. Candy brightened from Mr. Brighton’s proposition to have a horse-walk. And the horse carried her and Annie.

- Your house filled with light again, - the servant said.

- As if its little mistresses returned, - the maid wiped the tear.


- Candy, – Annie asked, - have we the same dream? It seems to me, I dream.

- So do I, - Candy answered. – Just some hours before we slept in our old beds. And now we ride like that Mr.’s daughters.

- Candy, I think about asking Mr. Brighton to adopt the both of us.

- Annie, are you serious??? – Candy frowned.

- You know well you won’t stay in Pony’s Home forever.

- I don’t hurry to leave!

- Listen, Candy, if he will agree to adopt, we’ll be together forever.

Candy slapped her face:

- Annie, why you’re so bad? Did you forget what Miss Pony said – you mustn’t trust the strange people!

/And how about telling about your life, huh?/

- I just wanted to be with you forever, Candy.

- How can you ask about anything the man which you don’t know?!

/And to eat his food?/

- Mr. Brighton is good person, - Annie frowned too.

- So ask him yourself!

- I will!

- Then I go!

- Candy, where’re you going?

- I return to Pony’s Home and you do go to Mr. Brighton.

Annie ran after Candy, but she fell. Tears appeared in her eyes.

- I want to have a mum and dad! – Annie cried. – Where’re my mum and dad?


Meanwhile Sister Maria called John. One girl saw someone goes. It was Candy. When Sister asked about Annie, Candy didn’t answer. She had been asked about John, who went to find those two travelers. Candy found him in the tree. He was sleeping there. From the thought that he sought them, Candy’s eyes filled with tears. John woke up from «Achuu!» sound and scared a bit such highness. He climbed down on Candy’s back.

They saw the carriage. Candy decided it’s Mr. Brighton. But it didn’t save them from falling down.

- Annie! Annie, you came back!

But Annie wasn’t there. The servant said Mr. Brighton worries about Candy. And Annie is in his mansion.

- So, Annie won’t come back?..

- She reminded Mr. Brighton his old daughter.


It’s dinnertime in Brighton’s mansion. The maid added the food for Annie with pleasure.

- Thanks, - Annie said. – O, it’s Candy’s favorite candies! Candy, do you want ...? – she turned her head, but saw just empty chair.

- How sorry, Candy’s not with us, - Mr. Brighton said.


In the orphanage Candy helped Miss Pony and Sister Maria. They hoped that Mr. Brighton would like Annie. Candy announced that she hates them and ran away from the kitchen.

In the raining night Candy didn’t sleep. In the one of the chambers Annie looked to the window. Sister Maria noticed Candy sleeps not so well, as usual. But Miss Pony understood Candy pretends. It’s first night, when Candy and Annie sleep separately. But when Candy opened her eyes, she found sleeping John by her side.

Candy went out. Clin jumped in her arms.

- Maybe, Annie won’t come to you, Clin, but I will…

In the mist the familiar little figure appeared. Annie. Girls threw themselves to each other’s arms.

- I decided to return, - Annie said. – I walked for whole night. I was thinking about you. I couldn’t be without you and my feet came here itself.

- I thought about you the whole night too.

- Candy, I was going to tell him, that I…

- Did you tell him?

- No, - Annie moved her head.

- Is it true? I’m so glad!

Annie pulled something out from her pocket.

- It’s your favorite candies. You do like it, right?

Candy hugged her.

- We’re best friends in the world and we’ll never separate anymore!


The meet with Mr. Brighton another time proved to girls that friendship is the best thing in the world and it must be for eternity.


The end of 2nd series.