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Description SuperMako

Translation Candice


Candyís friend.

Candy could not stop to admire on "Sweet Candy ", laying in the bed inside the stable. The life seemed her so wonderful because she has got Anthony, Stear, Archie, Clin and this rose, which has been emitting the refined odor...


In the meantime Elisa in a drawing room of the house has emanated by a poison:

- To name the unique rose in Candyís honor?! In my opinion, Anthony is in love with the girl living in the stable! - and Neal confirmed her guesses, telling, that Archie and Stear are not indifferent to Ms. White either. Yes, Elisa has got a reason to be angry, and she has asked Neal to do something. More correctly - to make any evil thing.

- I will pour something...

- To Candy?!

- Donít be fool...

- Whom then?

- To horse in the stable...


While Candy was out from the stable, artful brother and sister have begun to make their disgusting plan: Neal promised, that Cesar will get simply mild gastric disturbance from tools, which he will add in the horse food. But someone has mixed their cards: some man like a black shadow appeared in the stable, has overturned a bucket and has struck Neal to his face. Coming Candy has found only totally frightened Leganís offsprings.


Elisa run for the help, and, if the plan with the horse has failed, she blurted out:

- It was Candy! Itís she did! Moreover she has added castor oil for horse, - the spiteful girl told to the gardener and secretary.


Inside the house Neal behaved like being ill heavily, and even cook made contemptuous grimace, listening groans of the young man and laments of his mother. Eventually, Mrs. Legan called Candy on interrogation.

- Neal, it Candy did! - Elisa whispered to Neal.

- ... The boy, which has fainted, because the girl struck him! - Candy began her offensive, because she had no other way.

- It was Candy! - Neal blurted out at last and hid himself under a blanket.

Suddenly Candy understood, who was that man Ė it was Albert, Mr. Albert, who had rescued her life recently. Candy decided to look for the friend, has thrown a bottle with note in the river, as Mr. Albert asked, and then she followed after bottle herself. The night came fast... And Candy has lost the way. Not knowing, where is she, the girl has fallen asleep near the large boulder, where in the morning she was found by Mr. Albert.


Albert brought her to his home, in the large mansion, where, it seemed, nobody lived except of him and his pets.

- It was you who have struck Neal, yes?

- Correctly.

Candy was very much frightened, the girl was afraid to be faired, but Mr. Albert did not allow he to stay with him.

Their conversation was interrupted with) gun shots.

- It seems, itís time to say goodbye to this place, - Albert pronounced and disappeared, leaving the girl. She came out to the people with guns, which have told her the house belongs to Audrey family. They took Candy with themselves. It would be hard for girl, if they didnít meet Anthony their way. Anthony took Candy away with himself.

- Candy, you should not return to Legans, - Anthony told when they were alone.

- What do you mean, Anthony?

- Three of us have got a very good idea, - young man said, and brought Candy to madam Elroy. He and his cousins offered to bring up this " the ill-bred girl ". Elroy agreed at first, but Elisa spoiled everything again, stating, that Candy was with the wanderer - Albert.


Seeing, they failed, Anthony simply offered Candy ride on the horse. She sat ahead and he drove the horse on the green expanses.

ÖAnthonyÖ Anthony, do you hear the beating of my heart? It is beating so fast... The wind whistles in my ears, AnthonyÖ I hear your voice in singing wind!..

...Candy, I like you!.. I like you!..

...›ŪÚÓŪŤ, I want, that we have turned to a wind and have arrived in the same place!..


Candy wished, that the road has reduced them somewhere, she wanted, that this road never ended...


The end of 13th series.