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Description SuperMako

Translation Candice


Rose story.

The next morning came to Legan’s mansion. Woken up with Caesar and Cleopatra’s snorting, Candy stood up and stretched herself in the bed.

- Îé, what’s that? – she asked herself, feeling the wonderful odor of flowers. It emanated not from Annie’s ribbon exactly, then where from?.. Owh! On the wooden little table near Candy’s bed there was a magnificent rose bouquet with dewdrops on gentle petals.

- It’s, probably, from Anthony! – Candy decided. She didn’t know, that devious Elisa’s looks into her door, holding in her mind some awful intrigue against Candy.


In the meantime Anthony, Stear and Archie were in the garden. Anthony explained friends the roses are stolen from his flower garden. Stear offered not to be upset about loss one or two flowers, and Archie assumed, only that one could enter in the garden, who knows house perfectly.

- Maybe, you cut them off and did forget about? – Stear asked.

- What?! I never break them so roughly! They’re alive!

Archie began to question Stear; maybe he presented roses to Candy. The brothers almost had a fight. But Anthony told he does not blame in loss of roses anybody of them.

- I shall not forgive that villain, who did do so atrociously thing with my roses! – Anthony stated.

Elisa entered the garden silently, carrying a small box, which was bound up with bow. With lovely smile she informed she cooked a great pie for Anthony and as if by accident...

- Did you bring roses for Candy?

- What? Candy got roses? – Anthony was surprised and upset.

- ....

- it’s Candy! – he could not believe it.

Both Archie and Stear began to state, that Candy just couldn’t resist against beauty of roses, therefore she couldn’t hold herself from cutting off them. And Elisa was adding more oils into the fire...


Suspecting nothing Candy met Stear near the stable, where she was caring for horses. She jumped to his car. Stear told to the girl about roses. Candy, to take suspicions away from herself, promised to find the one who did it.


Neal was having very late breakfast. Suspecting something, Candy approached him:

- Neal!

- What do you want from me?

- What a late breakfast...

- It’s none of your business! – he retorted rudely.

- Did you go to sleep late yesterday?

- Why are you interesting?

Candy noticed scratches on Neal’s hand and understood: those scratches are from rose thorns. But as always, called by Neal Mrs. Legan did not want to listen the girl. Candy showed to madam roses and scratch on Neal’s hand. But Neal found a solution quickly – he just saw the cat in the yard and has created the reason at once.

- Argh! It is a cat; I had played with her! It’s truth, it’s Silvia!

Candy understood, that she was have led around of a finger; Mrs. Legan has accepted words of her son. Suddenly Neal noticed Annie’s pink ribbon, tied to Candy’s bed.

- Look! This ribbon was wearing by Annie yesterday!

Neal blamed Candy in theft... But she could not tell Annie’s her friend. Therefore she simply was standing and crying, offended by such breach of justice. What a hypocrite! - she thought, forcing herself to not to cry. She decided only Anthony would understand her. Candy went towards his home. But Stear told her, Anthony does not want to see the girl now.

Candy decided Anthony suspects her too. When she came to the river and saw the boat, Candy decided to go by it to Pony’s Home.


The evening has come already, but Candy was nowhere. Anthony and Stear decided to search Candy. Archie informed the brother and Anthony: the watchman saw someone, who was coming out of the house last night. Anthony fell upon Neal and Stear decided to test upon Neal the "lie detector"... Actually it was only lantern, but Neal confessed – it was he, who had stolen roses.


Candy fell asleep in the boat, which floated to the river calmly. She was seeing dreams about the childhood. When she woke up, she saw, there was a dark already and the accelerating current carries her towards waterfall.


- Candy!

- Candy! – Anthony, Archie and Stear searched for the girl. then they decided to look closer the river.


The horrible power of current carried Candy towards waterfall. She did not know at all, that to do. The boys found the absent of the boat and understood: Candy’s is in terrible danger. They rode downwards on the river.


...The strange man with sand colored beard and moustache took Candy out on the bank and put the unconscious girl close to a fire.

- What’s happened with me?.. – Candy pronounced after coming to conscious.

- Are you better? – at first the stranger seemed to her like terrible bear. But then he took his dark glasses off and Candy saw nice blue eyes. Soon she and her new friend were sitting at the fire together with Albert’s pets – that was man’s name. And soon Candy heard Anthony called her.

Albert explained Candy how to find him in necessary case, and she ran to Anthony. But her friend gave her a slap in the face - how could she act that way? She made all her friends to worry. Candy explained: when Anthony didn’t want to see her...

- It wasn’t because as if you stole roses, - he said.

- But why? – she was surprised.

- I just decided to avoid meeting with you until new roses will blossom, - Anthony reminded about his promise to give new roses in Candy’s Birthday.

She wanted to introduce Anthony to Albert, but that one has gone somewhere already. Candy and her three bodyguards set off home.


The beautiful white rose has opened out in the garden...

- They have opened! – Anthony exclaimed. It was new roses, which Anthony named "Sweet Candy".

- I give them to you, and today is new Candy’s Birthday! – Anthony said.


In light of the morning sun Candy has been looking on beautiful roses for a long time...


The end of 12th series.