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Description and translation Candice


Lady even in the stable.

Happy Candy visited the ball. It was her first appearance in top-society. Now she could dance with Anthony, which she liked a lot. But Neal and Elisa were very displeased, as Candy was in the center of attention.


- «There was a wonderful party. What a pity, I can’t demonstrate for you my beautiful dress. You can see it just on miserable picture… » Sister Ìàðèÿ has showed Candy’s drawing. Children were delighted. Ms. Pony was pleased Candy has become almost daughter for Legans.


- Candy! - Mrs. Legan uttered severely in the meantime, - you see, you’re not our daughter. And you know that, - Neal and Elisa were here too and joined the words of their mother: if Candy would remember her status, she did not behave so vulgar. Candy saw the loaders carried out her bed from the house. Madam announced, since this moment Candy will live in other place. In the stable.

- It’s the most suitable place for you, - Neal was pleased.

- You flirted with Anthony so much, so now you can think about, - Elisa kept. - If Anthony knew, you’re living in the stable he never looked at you.

After spitting their poison, three of all went away.


- Anthony … - Candy thought. – No, he’s different… - she came to her new living place - from the penthouse to the stable. However the girl wasn’t upset too much. – It’s because too many people like me. All right, I can bear it. Don’t worry, - she said horses. – It won’t be cramped for us; we shall be the friends.

Candy ran out after Clin and saw Anthony together with Mr. Whitman. How red her cheeks have become! Anthony told her he came right because Elisa and Neal have left – he hasn’t too good relationship with them.

Candy volunteered to help to carry bags, but it was too heavy for her. She fell. Anthony has run up to her. He took her hand – it was covered with scratches. The boy was shocked, though he told nothing, but only apologizes for making Candy help him.

- Anthony, probably, was surprised, that my hands are so cracked … - Candy thought. The cruel Elisa’s words came to her mind again: «If Anthony knew, you’re living in the stable, he never looked at you…»


The familiar car with familiar driver was moving on the road. Suddenly Stear noticed someone and shouted. In order to prevent collision he plowed into the tree. Seeing the small boy, laying on the road, Stear was horrified. Did he kill him??? But the corpses do not ask to eat…


Candy was washing the horses. This work was not burden to her. She ran out to meet Stear’s car, which drove the guest to her. The boy threw himself to her - John! He came here, notifying nobody.

- John arrived to look at your beautiful dress, - Stear said. - When I was small, I was not so courageous like he.

- Stear, you shouldn’t praise him for such matters! - Candy slapped onto the car, and that one drove its driver in unknown direction.

John wanted to look at a beautiful Candy’s dress obstinately, however she attempted to take him in the stable..

- How do you do, mademoiselle! – Dorothy opened the door. John was impressed as Candy was named «mademoiselle», and even more - when the maid called him «young mister».

Dorothy conducted John and Candy in the room which has seemed to small boy the princess’ room. Candy worried - it was Elisa’s room. Dorothy calmed the friend, telling, Madam and children will not return till evening. John demonstrated to Candy completely dry sheet. Well, he deserved to see a new dress.


… The car was driving madam with children to home already…


…John was delighted with the dress, which Candy put on. He would like to remember each detail to tell about in Pony’s Home. But behind the door familiar yelling was heard already:

- Let me pass! Who’s in my room? - Elisa opened the door wide. The intention was failing. - Candy, what’s matter? – the hostess smiled threateningly. – Who’s this dirty boy?

- It’s John. He arrived to see me, - Candy’s voice seemed even more silent in comparison with Elisa’s.

- Ah, that is why he’s so dirty. What’s it a cloth? – she glanced at sheet. - Dorothy, throw this rag out and wash up my room. Candy, take this dirty head in the stable.

John clung onto sheet. He would rush on Elisa if Candy wouldn’t hold him. Coming Mrs. Legan stopped their fight.

- Candy, take a dress and go with me. The guest came to you.


Candy opened the door. Sister Maria was waiting for her.

- Candy! – the sister exclaimed, - you look like lady!

- Sister Maria! - Candy threw herself into her arms.

John also came to be seen by upset sister Maria.


In Elisa’s room there was a conversation too.

- Will Candy use my room??!

- Yes, - Mrs. Legan confirmed. – Until they left.

- But isn’t Candy’s place in the stable?

- We took Candy as your friend, companion, therefore we should care about her. If they find out she lives in the stable…

- But she’s so self-satisfied…

- Do what I have told you! For family’s honor’s sake.


The conversation in the drawing room was much more cheerful. John stated he should be thanked, because the sister Maria recollects Candy every day. Candy wanted to see sister Maria too. Both of them met - because John escaped from home. Another one former resident of Pony’s Home joined them. John ran after Clin to play and followed him on the new living place – to the stable. There was a bed, where Candy’s nightgown laid.

- Does it mean, Candy is not a Mademoiselle?

- No, I’m a Mademoiselle, - Candy answered confidently, - if my thoughts and actions are nobler, than any madam’s, - but she took John’s word that he will keep her secret.


The night lowered its cover on Legan’s mansion. Candy once again thanked sleeping John for he gave them opportunity to spend the night in the same room with sister Maria.

- Now I don’t worry about you, - sister Maria said. - Ms. Pony will be glad to find out you are all right.

Candy confirmed she’s very happy here, not letting John to give a secret away. Sister Maria turned away; therefore children didn’t see her tears, which rolled down on her cheeks.

In the morning the nun was saying good-bye to Mrs. Legan, who assured everyone cares about Candy here. John was silent and angry. The car was given for them and Mrs. Legan offered Candy to drive too.


Legan’s car was caught up with another one - with Stear and Archie. Sister Maria and John were glad to meet them, three Candy’s knights, though Anthony was not with them in that moment.

The nun wanted to talk with Candy to an eye on an eye.

- What did you want to talk with me about?

- Candy, - sister Maria told, - just don’t frustrate. I would like to take you back in Pony’s Home…

- You know everything?..

- Candy, - sister took her hands, - we can tell a lie. But our hands speak for themselves. From your hands it is possible to see everything. But I shall not take you away from there. In Legan’s house you have a lot of friends. The cook and old gardener and maids - all of them love you very much, Candy. Are they your friends too? - She looked on Stear and Archie, who were playing with John. Candy nodded. – The true happiness is not in the wearing beautiful dress. The true happiness is when you have many good friends, - Candy agreed. - It seems to me, you are happier, than Elisa and Neal.

- Yes, I am happy, - Candy wiped tears.

- Therefore I am returning to Pony’s Home completely comforted, - sister smiled.


- Don’t be sad, Candy, - sister Maria said good-bye to her.

- If they will do something bad to you, I shall come and beat them! - John threatened.

But Stear reminded about three knights, who’s by Candy’s side. They together waved leaving machine. To Archie sister Maria seemed very kind. Candy confirmed – she was like mother to her. Archie mentioned about Anthony, telling he behaves strange since yesterday. Candy guessed about reason – her hands.


- Hands… Anthony was surprised a lot, probably, after seeing my hands, - Candy said herself, sitting on the bed in the stable. But Anthony appeared with apologizes for yesterday, as Candy has to work much.

- Here you are, - he extended a rose. - This rose I have brought up myself. Next Birthday you will get even more beautiful rose.

- Thank you very much, - Candy took a flower. - But my Birthday…

- …It will be that day, when we shall meet again, - Anthony reached his arms to her and the girl reached hers. - When we shall meet again it will be your Birthday. Did we agree?

To Candy it seemed, the huge roses blossom inside her soul. She understood it is happiness, which sister Maria had spoken about.


The end of 10th series.