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Description and translation Candice


Two friends from Pony’s Home.

Winter view.

Narrator’s voice: At South from Michigan Lake, on the large hilly plain the children orphanage lays, called “Pony’s Home”. Children, who live there, haven’t got parents. Only two kind women look after them. One woman’s name is Miss Pony, the second – Sister Maria.


- Don’t be whimsy, Tom, - Sister Maria said the little boy, who pulls her dress. – Sit down quietly and have a dinner. - She sat him on his chair. – Let’s began with soup.

Tom threw his dinner around instead and made Sister mad.

- Sister Maria! – Miss Pony said, listening.

- Looks like child’s crying, – Nun worried.

- That’s what you did want to say, Tom! – Miss Pony guessed and run after Sister. – Sister Maria, be careful!..- but she couldn’t hold on herself on the slide stairs.

- Come here, Miss Pony, - Sister Maria called, when she found the basket with yelling contain.

- How can someone leave the infant alone in the snow, - Miss Pony lamented, taking brunette baby.

- Here’s letter, - Sister Maria took the note and read it. – «I can’t take care about her. I hope you’ll do it instead of me. Her name is Annie».

- Annie? – Miss Pony asked.

- She’s laughing, - Sister smiled.

Another crying has been heard and Annie began to cry again.

- Hush, hush, everything will be alright, – Miss Pony comforted her.

- Someone’s here too, Miss Pony, – Sister Maria hurried towards crying. – Look, Miss Pony, - she lowered over crying infant. – Such strong child!

- Is there some note? – Miss Pony approached her.

- No, only doll. «Candy», - Nun read the signature. – So, your name is Candy! – She said laughing baby, - So, you’ll be Candy then.

- Has she a surname?

- Well, if we found her in the snow… - Sister thought.

- …So, let she will be Candy White! – Miss Pony proposed.

They made that decision.


Tom decided to look on the new girls, who slept in their baskets. When he took out Annie’s nipple she began to cry. And Candy threw her baby bottle to Tom. And now there was trio, crying aloud.

- What’s happened? – Sister Maria ran into the room together with Miss Pony. – Our children are yelling like wildcat’s chorus.


6 year had been passed. Annie, Candy and Tom grew a bit. And now in winter they carried Annie on the sleigh, Annie and Candy made snowmen.

- Why I can’t make the same round snowball like you? – Candy asked.

- Because you took too many snow, – Annie giggled.

When Candy fell down from her creation, Annie began to worry about her. But the danger has been approaching from other side – Tom on the sleigh, yelling: «Go out from the way!» Annie’s snowman didn’t and had fallen.

- Look what did you do with my snowman! – Annie reproached him. Brave hero Candy yelled: «Tom, come back!» and caught baddy with her lasso. Annie worried about her defender again, who demanded: «Tom, bring apologies to Annie!»

- Everything’s alright, – Annie said.

- Everything’s alright for Annie, but not for me. Bring excuses, Tom.

- Well… excuses… - failed boy muttered and pleased Candy has been embracing Annie.


The spring is everywhere. Spring in the forest, on the hills and the plain. Spring for children, for hens and for others. Right. Even for baby-ducks who tied each to other and to their mum-duck with bond.

- Oh, what a hard thing! – Sister Maria ran to free them. – I’m sure Candy did it. Candy! Candy!

- I’m here! – Little voice said. – I’m up here. Sister Maria, nestling fell out from the nest and I decided to put him back.

- Get down quickly! – Although neither Sister Maria, nor coming Annie had no idea how to get down her from there. Candy landed on her “5th point” [lower back ^_^]. – Didn’t you get a bruises? – After being sure that Candy wasn’t hurt, Sister let herself be mad.

- Candy, - Miss Pony asked, - why do you do such bad things?

- Don’t you feel sorrow for poor little ducks? – Sister Maria called girl’s feelings.

- I did it because I feel sorry for them, – little girl answered. – I worried about them so much, that they could lose their mummy. If that thing’ll happen, nobody will care for them, like you or Miss Pony. They’ll be alone totally.

Miss Pony said Candy can go. Sister Maria doubted that decision was too soft. But Miss Pony answered: «I can’t scold her for that».

They looked at two little friends.

- I was so scared that you had been scolded, - Annie worried.

- I promise, Annie, next time I’ll be careful, – Candy swore. – I don’t want you to worry about me every time I do something bad.

Annie’s face shone with smile.

- That’s much better than to scold her, right? – Miss Pony said, looking at them. – They’re like twins… - she became serious suddenly.

Sister Maria asked what’s happened.

- I just thought about the day when they separate each with other.

- But it won’t be soon, – Sister looked to the window. – It’s so far way from that day.

- No, - Miss Pony said. – Probably, in the next month.


Every 3rd Sunday in the month is the day, when the people come to Pony’s orphanage, hoping to adopt the child. Children wait that day eagerly and they dream about someone took them into the family. All children dream except Candy è Annie. Maybe therefore those two sing as if elephants danced on their ears.

- Candy, stop your foolery! – Sister Maria noticed severely. Later Miss Pony herself had a fight with them:

- If you don’t want to be adopted, you have no right to do those things. Candy, don’t you regret about your bad behavior?

- I regret, - Candy answered with guilty face.

- Candy, you sang today so terrible. Don’t you understand, someone can think badly about us? Don’t you understand if people will think only bad children live in Pony’s orphanage, your friends will lose mums and dads.

Those words had been heard.


Another 4 years passed, Annie è Candy’s Birthday has come. Children sang for them, Candy with Annie blew out the candles on their cake. On the question from one child, why they celebrate Birthday in the same day, Candy answered: «Because me and Annie had been found in the same day. Nobody knows our real Birthday; therefore we began to count from that date.»

Sister Maria noticed Candy, for her behavior she could take a reproaching from the parents. Candy answered they with Annie decided to stay in Pony’s Home until they got old. Miss Pony announced Tom leaves. In spring he’ll became a son of rich farmer. Candy announced:

- They are surely strange people, if they liked Tom.

- You simply envy, because nobody wants to adopt you, - the boy retorted. Candy used her fists for him. During healing their bruises both announced they won’t be missing each other.

In the night talk Annie asked why Candy counts Tom’s future father is stupid. Candy announced she’s not going to leave Pony’s Home. Annie showed her joy, making her friend fall to the ground. Suddenly they heard a noise in the window and looked out. Tom learned to throw lasso. Without success yet. But Candy did it perfectly and she proposed Tom to go her lasso school. Tom preferred to continue his training. They almost fought again for cowboy hat – gift from Tom’s future father. Suddenly Tom said boys mustn’t fight with girls. Surprised Annie observed how her friend repeated that she hates Tom and she’s very glad that she won’t see him anymore, crying aloud. In the first time.


Snow melted, and the day came, when Tom must leave.

- Don’t worry about Tom, Miss Pony, - great man said. – Under my care he will become the best cowboy in the world!

- We know you’re a good person, - Miss Pony said.

- And we hope on you, - Sister Maria added.

- Tom, - cowboy said the boy, - do you want to say something?

Tom delayed, and his new daddy didn’t like it.

- You’re fool! – he pushed Tom. – You stand here like a dumb and can’t say a couple words!

- Wait a minute, Mr! – Candy stepped forward. – Tom is not a horse or a cow for you. You mustn’t scold him for every mistake.

- I rule my family myself! – Some little girl dared to teach him.

- I imagine. Think, Tom, before you’ll become a member in such family. Do you think you’ll be happy in the family where you will be bearing that?

- I heard sometimes it can be worse… - Tom looked at the cowboy’s hand. – It’s a first time when such big hand struck me… And the owner of that hand is my new dad! Miss Pony, Sister Maria, - he said his tutors, - thank you for your kindness. I hope you won’t be blushing for me.

Tom said good-bye Annie. He said Candy he’d like she taught him to throw lasso. The man announced they leave. When Tom said: «Yes, Mr. Steve,» he answered Tom should call him “dad”.

Miss Pony came to Candy and Annie.

- I never told you, girls, but it was Tom, who heard your voices, when you cried in the snow and he found you. You were so small in that time.

Girls ran to Pony’s Hill and from there they saw the cart. They waved Tom and Candy noticed they look like family. Annie got tears.

- What’s wrong, Annie?

Crying Annie hugged her friend.

- I want mum and dad too!

Candy gave her kiss: from mum. Annie kissed back – from dad.


Annie was glad she’d got such friend. However, she worried because of thought that the day will come and her and Candy’s ways will separate.


The end of 1st series.